Vijaylakshmi Nayar

  • Conference Name:

    Vijaylakshmi Nayar

  • Conference Dates:

    28th-03rd, November 2020

  • Publication Date:

    11th December 2019

  • Venue:

    Harvard University, Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA

  • Isbn:

    978-1-911185-94-9 (Online)

The overall objective of the Academic International Conference on Business, Economics and Management (AICBEM) is to provide a platform and stimulate discussion on various issues affecting business, economics and management, especially relating to HR, logistics,enterprise, investment supply chain & strategic management.
Dr. Adelekan Saidi, Lecturer (Management); Dr. Aleksandra Kowalska, Associate Professor (Economics); Dr. Alrence Halibas, Assistant Professor (Information Management); Dr. Amna Yousaf, Lecturer (Management); Mrs. Andreja , Assistant Professor (Sociology); Dr. Ansuman Jena, Associate Professor (Marketing); Dr. Asma Salman, Department Chair (Banking and Finance); Dr. David Canton-Cortes, Lecturer (Psychology); Dr. Dilip Jha, Lecturer (Business); Dr. Kwanruetai Boonyasana, Lecturer (Economics); Dr. Emrah Aydemir, Assistant Professor (International Relations); Mr. Eyo Eyo, Lecturer I (Banking and Finance); Dr. Fanny Ming Yan Chung, Assistant Professor (Culture); Dr. Farouq Al-Shibli, Assistant Professor (Law); Dr. Fatma Demir, Academician (Education); Prof. Fikrat Jahangirov, Professor, Dean of the faculty of Education (); Mrs. George Gotsiridze, Full Professor (History); Dr. Hamoul Tarik, Assistance Professor (Banking and Finance); Dr. Haya Alshehri, Academic (Business); Dr. Heejun Kim, Assistant Professor (Marketing); Dr. Hilal Kaya, Teaching Fellow (Humanities); Prof. Howard Chitimira, Professor (Law); Dr. Irina Bilan, Associate Professor (Banking and Finance); Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Sualman, Associate Professor & Director (Social Sciences); Dr. Itotenaan Henry Ogiri, Senior Lecturer (Business); Dr. Jacob Adeyanju, Senior Lecturer (Education); Dr. Jolanta Mackowicz, Associate Professor (Education); Dr. Junardi Harahap, Lecturer (Social Sciences); Dr. Kameleddine Benameur, Assistant Professor (Accounting); Dr. Ketevan Gigashvili, Professor (Humanities); Dr. Lenneal Henderson, Mentoring Faculty (Public Policy); Ms. Marta Ortega, Associate Professor (Law); Dr. Martis Ishaya, Deputy Dean (Law); Doc., JUDr., PhD. Milos Deset, Associate Professor (Law); Dr. Mohammad Arif Kamal, Associate Professor (Environment); Dr. Mohammad Sami Ali, Assistant Professor (Banking and Finance); Dr. Mohammad Knio, Assistant Dean (Economics); Dr. Mohammad Ali, Assistant Professor (Banking and Finance); Mr. Mohammed Thanvir Ahmed Chowdhury, Associate Professor & HOD (Social Sciences); Dr. Mohd-Yusoff Yusliza, Associate Professor (Management); Dr. Nazim Rahim, Assistant Professor (International Relations); Mr. Nicholas Musty, Lecturer (Gender Studies); Dr. Nicoleta-Elena Buzatu, Professor & Vice Dean (Law); Dr. Nneka Chidiebere-Mark, Lecturer (Social Sciences); Dr. Noel , Associate Professor (Education); Dr. Olufemi Omisakin, Lecturer (Business); Ms. Adetutu Oluwaseyi, Reseacher (Law); Dr. Patricia Audrey Ruslijanto, Associate Professor (Law); Dr. Pramod Pathak, Professor (Management); Dr. R Abd Halim Mohd Noor, Associate Professor (Economics); Dr. Rafiq Idris, Senior Lecturer (Economics); Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rahimah Embong, Deputy Dean (Education); Dr. Ramandeep Chhina, Associate Professor and Deputy Director Research (Law); Dr. Rashmi Aggarwal, Professor (Law); Dr. Rouaski Khaled, Associate Professor (Economics); Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rozainun Abdul Aziz, Professor (Education); Dr. Ruzita Azmi, Associate Professor (Law); Dr. S.Chandra Sekaran, Head, Mcnally School of Fine Arts (Education); Dr. Sabeen Bhatti, Senior Assistant Professor (Management); Dr. Sami Khan, Professor (Management); Dr. Samiul Ahmed, Assistant Professor & Head of Department (Banking and Finance); Dr. Sanem Kulak Gökçe, Assistant Professor (Gender Studies); Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pradhan, Assistant Professor (Social Sciences); Dr. Sarwar Ahmed, Professor (Banking and Finance); Dr. Stella Zulu-Chisanga, Lecturer (Business); Dr. Subrahmanian Muthuraman, Assistant Professor (Management); Dr. Sun Young Park, Associate Professor (Education); Assoc. Prof. Dr. Syed Afshana, Associate Professor (Communications and Media); Dr. Tharwat El-Sakran, Professor (Education); Dr. Uthit Siriwan, Full Professor (Business); Dr. Valmira Osmanaj, Department Chair & Assistant Professor (Information Management); Dr. Yusufb Bako, Senior Lecturer & Head of Department (Management); Prof. Zachary Bolo Awino, Professor and Associate Dean (Business)







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