The impact of perceived corporate social responsibility

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Professor, Finance and Business Management Studies, United Kingdom


Purpose: This paper examines the influential effect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards multi-stakeholders (social and non-social stakeholders, employees, customers and government) in explaining employees’ Affective Organisational Commitment (AOC) within an under-researched context: Egypt. Design/methodology: This research draws on survey data from a sample of 226, and 4 explanatory interviews with employees working in different industries in Egypt. Findings: Regression analysis confirmed the differential effect of the four components of CSR on AOC, with CSR towards employees having the highest effect. Practical implications: The differential impact of each type of the CSR on employee behaviour would help practitioners to formulate their CSR strategies in accordance. Originality/value: This paper tries to validate the stakeholder-based CSR construct in a cultural setting little explored in the literature:Egypt.

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    Corporate Social Responsibility, Egypt, Affective Organisational Commitment

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    Banking and Finance

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The impact of perceived corporate social responsibility